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Conference Station Sanssouci

Reconstruction of a former train station for conferencing

A former coal trading train station could be acquired by our clients from Deutsche Bahn. The existing building required extensive repairs to roofs and exterior walls but a lot of it could be preserved and refurbished for its new use as a conferencing space.

It comprises now of up to four conferencing spaces with a central services block including a service kitchen for catering. The space will be used for conferences, banqueting, talks and private events. The conferencing spaces are separated by sound proof movable wall system to allow subdivision into 4 smaller rooms.

The front part of the shows the original brick with its render insets. Windows resemble the existing window tiling but are new timber windows. The basement received full water proofing. The hall itself received external thermal insulation to its exterior walls. A new stair leads up to the main conferencing entrance.

Das Gebäude wird für Veranstaltungen und Konferenzen genutzt. Im Kopfbau befindet sich die Verwaltung.

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