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Futuredome Berlin

Futuredome is a 360° projection multipurpose entertainment location. A spherical dome at the heart of the design will be screen for 3d projections creating an amazing spatial experience and a new era of movie entertainment. The dome is supplemented with a building containing services and foyer spaces, restaurants and retail.

A wide range of events can be accommodated: theme dining, concerts, movies, product shows, parties and many more.

In Berlin a new mixed-use quarter will be created. Futuredome will be at the heart of the design.

The building blocks will be closed towards the street crossing. The houses will follow the adjacent buildings� heights. The courtyard will be covered by a canopy roof creating a protected environment with Shops, Cafes, Restaurants and Futuredome. The roof extends through the gaps between buildings creating prominent entrances.

An organically shaped building flies over the whole setting, creating a backdrop for Futuredome and a landmark for the area. It does not only contain luxurious flats with amazing views over Berlin�s roofs but also a restaurant with a skybar.

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