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Movie Theatre Stuttgart

Redesign of a movie theatre foyer in Stuttgart.

The redesign aims at a strong formal language and atmospheric lighting concept. Dark timber creates a pleasant atmosphere and is combined with backlit stretch synthetic fabrics. Their generous light enlarges the space visually.

Reducing the design to only two materials connects the different elements and forms a unity of the space.

Columns, ceiling and counter are made of backlit stretch material. The surfaces are subdivided into large, dynamic triangles. The gaps in between are tracks for light spots and to hang posters.

The wall to the left and the back wall of the counter are made of dark timber. They contain products, vending machines, signs and screens. Chairs in the center of the space are made from the same timber.

The counter's focus is moved to the side wall to encourage people to queue along the wall. This keeps the central area and the stair to the upper levels free. While queuing, people can take products from the shelves, speeding up the sails process. A low partition defines that space of the foyer.

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