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d.nik Berlin

Interior Design for a kids concept store in Berlin.

d.nik - a shop for children's furniture and toys is located in Berlin in a small space. The restricted floor area is used efficiently and the articles are presented expressively.

All pieces are positioned in shelves or on presentation platforms, almost museal. All furniture is made from white lacquered MDF boards and backlit polycarbonate multi-wall sheets.

The platforms are low towards the window and rise up into the room. This allows an overview over the whole shop from the exterior - the shop as a shopping window.

The counter follows these principles and forms the endpoint to the rising platforms. The only architectural spot of colour is a small stair next to the cashier allowing children to look over the counter.

Pendants are arranged in a diagrid on the ceiling and light the space evenly. At night the shop glows brightly, attracting the attention of pedestrians passing.

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