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Starnberg Flat

Alteration of a flat in Starnberg, Munich.

A 110 m² flat from the 70ies was gut and refurbished. The entrance corridor separates a private area and bedrooms from the open living spaces. Separation walls were removed to generate a generous spatial experience with an open kitchen. A structural wall between living room and dining area is turned into a distinctive colourful object. It is clad with coated timber boards which can be replaced by pictures. The wall becomes an exhibition area for the photographs of the clients.

The combination of dark nut wood and strong colours as well as warm timber flooring creates and exciting calmness. Cupboards and shelves are designed harmoniously and produced bespoke. Side tables were designed accordingly to fit the existing sofa.

The kitchen is part of the open space. The neutral gray colours move it out of focus.

The planning of both bathrooms could not be changed. To increase the quality of these small spaces a strict tiling grid was applied.

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