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Loft Wedding

Berlin district Wedding is gaining a lot of attraction recently due to rising property market in Berlin and is currently still undervalued. More and more often we see private investors buying property in the better-connected areas of this district. For our clients, a former warehouse type building in a backyard offered the opportunity for a great spacious loft conversion they were looking for.


The brief asked to maintain the industrial character of the space while adding subdivisions for the different living and working areas that the clients required. When studying the space in 3D and visualizations we soon realized that maintaining the visibility of the ceiling across the space was the key to achieving the spaciousness of the loft.


The working areas, the kitchen and the guest room were designed to not obstruct the continuity of the ceiling. Nevertheless the floor plan shows a clear subdivision into zones that follow a traditional pattern for a flat.


The lighting concept for the ceiling required the design of bespoke light fittings. The evenly lit ceiling now sets the stage for all the elements underneath. This lighting is complemented by indirect lighting in the entrance furniture and partitions as well as indirect up lighting in the kitchen and bathrooms.

The dominant element in the living room is the guest room. The shape of it is reminding of a vase that connects to a roof light. It has been manufactured from solid timber. The single timber pieces follow the double curved shape in alternating layers.

Guest Room

We wrote a visual basic script that creates a machine readable list of timber elements and has been used to cut the timber automatically with a machine intended for timber roof construction. The occasional gaps in-between the layers have been filled with untreated wool to maintain and improve acoustic insulation towards the living area.


The bedroom with walk-in wardrobe and a large bathroom is separated from the dining-room and living room area with a grand double door. The three rooms build one continuous interconnected space that creates privacy in a playful manner. Two large sliding doors allow the separation of the bathroom if required. The grand bath has been custom designed to build the center piece of the bathroom. A grand mirror allows views back to the living room.

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