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Office Building Berlin

An office building with retail at ground floor level in Berlin Adlershof.

The building site is situated next to a main road in Adlershof and is well connected to Berlin and its future airport BBI by public transport as well as by car. It is surrounded by the famous "media city", the technology centre and the campus of Humboldt University Berlin.

Today, office buildings need to be flexible. Tenants and users expect perfect implementation of their requirements. Simple adoption to tenants' wishes is key to successful leasing of office spaces. Important aspects for the quality of offices are sun shading, protection from glare, sight lines to the exterior and minimization of street noise. An efficient planning layout for offices is created from a 12m deep building. The master plan allows for 5 levels of offices, 3m clear height, and retail at ground level,3.60m clear height. Above 18m building height, a 2m recess is mandatory. This would reduce the top level width to 8m. A deep sun-shade facade overcomes this problem and reduces the recess to only 1 meter. This increases the width of the top floor to 10m. The retail spaces at ground level make full use of the building width, including the deep facade. In total 800m² of retail are generated.

The building design follows sustainable principles. The more daylight enters the offices spaces, the less energy is used for artificial lighting. At the same time, solar radiation heats up the building. The use of exterior blinds compromises sight lines and reduces daylight impact. They will often not be lowered, leading to higher cooling requirements and operation costs. A simulation illustrates how a deep facade reduces direct solar radiation on the windows in summer. Internal glare protection might even be sufficient in winter. The solar gain can then help to heat the building in the cold period. In some areas, external blinds are still required. They can reflect daylight to the ceilings, creating a good balance of shading and daylight gain.

In combination with this shading facade a smart cooling solution minimizes energy consumption. At night time, the building is ventilated naturally. Fresh air cools the thermal mass of the concrete construction. During the day the cool ceiling chills the spaces. In peak periods the slabs are additionally chilled with tab water.

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