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Postproduction Studio

Expansion of Postproduction Studio in Berlin

An existing shed situated in a typical Berlin courtyard is converted. The new workplaces will be used for video cutting and client presentations. The existing building is triangular in shape, resulting in exciting spaces and dynamic shapes. The entrance corridor widens up and turns into a lounge area. It then narrows down more and more, ending in a full-height mirror, giving the impression of an endless space. The columns supporting the roof are hidden in a thick wall containing kitchen and coat rack as well.

As the shed is surrounded by buildings, daylight can only be brought in through roof lights. This situation is exaggerated by the use of matt black wall colour and a contrasting light ceiling that diffuses the daylight. Different light sources allow the choice in between warm artificial lighting and daylight quality. The floor has a glossy lacquer finish creating exciting reflections.

All workspaces are painted gray to minimize the contrast of the light ceiling. White tables make a neutral reference for the eye, allowing good video colour evaluation for the cutters. The furniture, sofas, tables and rugs create a comfortable atmosphere for client presentations.

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