Emergency Unit

Detailed design for a hospital extension, Bundeswehrkrankenhaus Berlin

The emergency unit of the Bundeswehrkrankenhaus Berlin has found a new temporary home in an extension to the existing campus. Our involvement started with the project already on site and comprised the full detailed design for the external skin and the fit-out.

The work has been carried out parallel to constructions on site. The technical complexity of the hospital building involved fireproofing, hygiene, wear and tear proofing, soundproofing amongst others.


Loft Wedding

Berlin district Wedding is gaining a lot of attraction recently due to rising property market in Berlin and is currently still undervalued. More and more often we see private investors buying property in the better-connected areas of this district. For our clients, a former warehouse type building in a backyard offered the opportunity for a great spacious loft conversion they were looking for.


The brief asked to maintain the industrial character of the space while adding subdivisions for the different living and working areas that the clients required. When studying the space in 3D and visualizations we soon realized that maintaining the visibility of the ceiling across the space was the key to achieving the spaciousness of the loft.


Casa Locarno

Winner of the Green Good Design Award 2011

Featured on CNN "The greenest Buildings 2011"

The site for this five bedroom house is located in Solduno, an old village with traditional stone clad roofs, close to Locarno, Switzerland.The amazing setting between the mountains and the lake gives the site a clear orientation with the main views towards Ascona and the lake “Lago Maggiore” to the front, and the steep mountains to the back.The steep slope and the magnificent view form the base of the design.


The house opens itself up towards the valley, embracing the great panorama, while the backside of the house is dug into the mountain. The desire to add sufficient external shading to the facades lead to a large cantilever of the roof and the Skyframe. The Skyframe will eventually be filled in with ranking wine and other plants as well as textile sun shading elements. Both the roof cantilever and the Skyframe create a dynamic impression, lifting the house off the ground, shaping the perception of the building and furthering its integration into the dramatic setting. Opening the building up to the valley does not just happen on the outside - the rising roof allows larger room heights to the front.


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Conference Station Sanssouci

Reconstruction of a former train station for conferencing

A former coal trading train station could be acquired by our clients from Deutsche Bahn. The existing building required extensive repairs to roofs and exterior walls but a lot of it could be preserved and refurbished for its new use as a conferencing space.

It comprises now of up to four conferencing spaces with a central services block including a service kitchen for catering. The space will be used for conferences, banqueting, talks and private events. The conferencing spaces are separated by sound proof movable wall system to allow subdivision into 4 smaller rooms.


Headquarter Wollschläger

5000 sqm office building and refurbishment of an existing warehouse

A warehouse and adminstartion building will be converted to form the new headquarter of tool manufacterer Wollscchlaeger, Bochum. The entrance will be formed by an exciting grid-shell construction, also housing the company's showroom. The office building is floating atop and bridging across the truck access road, establishing a connectivity between the different functions of the complex.


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Mecidal Centre

Refurbishment and Reconstruction of three listed buildings in Potsdam, Germany

Three listed buildings have been joined to form one building with a reorganised access from the courtyard. The raised ground floor level is now accessible for wheelchair users through a sequence of flat ramps. This also benefits families with prams.

The medical centre comprises a pharmacy and 4 retail units at ground floor and up to four medical practises on the 4 upper levels.


Hamra Beirut

Residential Tower in Beirut's thriving city quarter Hamra.

This high-rise residential building is designed for the heart of Beirut featuring high-end flats and penthouses with views over the city and the sea on 22 floors. The building shape is driven by the site’s shape and the desire to maximize daylight in the flats and on the balconies. More valuable residential area is created by expanding the floor plates in the middle of the building.

The overall shape resembles a pine cone and refers to Lebanon’s national symbol – the pine tree. Similar to a pine cone, the convex bulges of the balconies undulate from floor to floor and minimize self-shading of the balconies.


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Postproduction Studio

Expansion of Postproduction Studio in Berlin

An existing shed situated in a typical Berlin courtyard is converted. The new workplaces will be used for video cutting and client presentations. The existing building is triangular in shape, resulting in exciting spaces and dynamic shapes. The entrance corridor widens up and turns into a lounge area. It then narrows down more and more, ending in a full-height mirror, giving the impression of an endless space. The columns supporting the roof are hidden in a thick wall containing kitchen and coat rack as well.

As the shed is surrounded by buildings, daylight can only be brought in through roof lights. This situation is exaggerated by the use of matt black wall colour and a contrasting light ceiling that diffuses the daylight. Different light sources allow the choice in between warm artificial lighting and daylight quality. The floor has a glossy lacquer finish creating exciting reflections.


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Prefab Concrete Building

Refurbishment of a prefab concrete building penthouose in Berlin.

A penthouse flat in a typical East-German prefabricated concrete building in Berlin was redesigned. Cheap solutions and simple changes were in the focus, because the client is renting the flat.

To emphasize the character of the construction, all wallpaper was removed, exposing concrete on all walls and ceilings. The light grey of the concrete and the liveliness of the surfaces were maintained.

To contrast the concrete, white glossy PVC flooring was chosen. This creates smooth reflexions of the spaces.


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Unter den Linden, Berlin

Luxury flats and penthouses close to Brandenburger Gate.

Conversion of an existing office building.
Madame Tussaud at ground floor level will remain a long-term tenant. The redesigned facade will pursue a different approach to integrating Madame Tussauds strong identity.

Flats on the four floors above have all their bedrooms towards the courtyard. The deep floor plates rely heavily on a good day-light concept for the courtyard. The redesign employs a smart strategy where the diffuse daylight penetration is maximised by utilizing water surfaces, mirrors and reflective shutters. The shutters double up as a primary means for controlling privacy and overlooking.

„Light is an essential part of the function and atmosphere of an attractive and welcoming residential project. The use and look of light, will help to create a contemporary view of ‘home’ providing safe lit environments as well as strong light images and vistas.”
[Speirs and Major, Lichtplaner]


The Shells

Six Villa's wíth a view - on the Seychelles!

The site for these six villas is located on the Seychelles and offers a fantastic view over the bay. The design concept that resembles a shell evolved around our investigation of the traditional building methods in this region. The thatched roof asks for soft free form volumes and the frequent rain falls require large roof stands.

The timber construction below is arranged on a polar grid but else it is facetted and secondary members are all straight. We wanted to have all rooms, from the shower to the living room, to have great views of the sea, leading to a linear floor plan approach.


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Wilheminian Flat Refurbishment

Wilheminian flat restored to former glory.

This beautiful Wilheminian flat in the heart of Berlin Prenzlauer Berg was sleazily refurbished during the 90ies. Designyougo was commissioned to restore the former glory of the flat.

Main focus was the flooring. In several areas of the flat, laminate and screed were opened to judge the quality of the old timber floor boards before removing the new floor build-up entirely. Heating pipes and electricity cables were drawn under the flooring and had to be moved to the walls were they were concealed in the floor skirting.


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Starnberg Flat

Alteration of a flat in Starnberg, Munich.

A 110 m² flat from the 70ies was gut and refurbished. The entrance corridor separates a private area and bedrooms from the open living spaces. Separation walls were removed to generate a generous spatial experience with an open kitchen. A structural wall between living room and dining area is turned into a distinctive colourful object. It is clad with coated timber boards which can be replaced by pictures. The wall becomes an exhibition area for the photographs of the clients.

The combination of dark nut wood and strong colours as well as warm timber flooring creates and exciting calmness. Cupboards and shelves are designed harmoniously and produced bespoke. Side tables were designed accordingly to fit the existing sofa.

The kitchen is part of the open space. The neutral gray colours move it out of focus.


d.nik Berlin

Interior Design for a kids concept store in Berlin.

d.nik - a shop for children's furniture and toys is located in Berlin in a small space. The restricted floor area is used efficiently and the articles are presented expressively.

All pieces are positioned in shelves or on presentation platforms, almost museal. All furniture is made from white lacquered MDF boards and backlit polycarbonate multi-wall sheets.

The platforms are low towards the window and rise up into the room. This allows an overview over the whole shop from the exterior - the shop as a shopping window.


Office Building Berlin

An office building with retail at ground floor level in Berlin Adlershof.

The building site is situated next to a main road in Adlershof and is well connected to Berlin and its future airport BBI by public transport as well as by car. It is surrounded by the famous "media city", the technology centre and the campus of Humboldt University Berlin.

Today, office buildings need to be flexible. Tenants and users expect perfect implementation of their requirements. Simple adoption to tenants' wishes is key to successful leasing of office spaces. Important aspects for the quality of offices are sun shading, protection from glare, sight lines to the exterior and minimization of street noise. An efficient planning layout for offices is created from a 12m deep building. The master plan allows for 5 levels of offices, 3m clear height, and retail at ground level,3.60m clear height. Above 18m building height, a 2m recess is mandatory. This would reduce the top level width to 8m. A deep sun-shade facade overcomes this problem and reduces the recess to only 1 meter. This increases the width of the top floor to 10m. The retail spaces at ground level make full use of the building width, including the deep facade. In total 800m² of retail are generated.


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Penthouse Berlin

Interior Design for a penthouse in Berlin, Mitte.

A group of clients is building a house in Berlin. A family with one child commissioned designyougo to design the planning for their penthouse and the interior design.

The flat will have a private area with bedrooms and a living space. The entrance from the staircase opens directly into the generous living room with kitchen and dining area. A small cabinet contains all services: cloak room, toilet, storage room and kitchen. This allows an open floorplan for the living room. An organically shaped kitchen counter creates zones for cooking, dining and living without separating the space. Room-high glazing towards the terrace opens the view over the roofs of Berlin and on the television tower.

Warm materials and colours create a harmonious atmosphere. Glossy surfaces are combined with leather and dark woods.


Futuredome Singapore

A futuredome right next to Singapore Flyer, the famous observation wheel.

Futuredome Singapore offers a unique opportunity to create an immersive 360 degree experience next to the observation wheel, the Singapore Flyer. The Dome is located on the roof of an existing car parking and benefits from the visitors arriving by car. They will be guided through the spacious and light filled lobby.

The large water features on the roof form a grand setting for the central screening dome. The water and night-time venting will be used for an innovative cooling system, with no additional energy consumption. The roof windows are oriented to minimize solar impact, still allowing great views of the observation wheel. The lobby and restaurant are envisaged as open to the outside air with only a few areas of the Futuredome requiring artificial cooling.


after before

Heinsberg House

Redesign of a traditional brick house in Aachen.

One half of this beautiful duplex house will be renovated for a young family. The brick façade will be insulated internally and the old windows will be replaced by modern timber frame windows.

Together with the brick they will form a harmonic unity and a warm character for the house. New large windows in the gable wall will open the roof towards the late afternoon sun. Two small balconies create a connection to the outside and turn the roof into a valuable space in the house.



Mathis and Sebastian founded designyougo in 2009. The office's main focus and aim are outstanding, fully customized design and high-quality architecture from the first sketch to completion. "Designyougo" also stands for a customer orientated and efficient working method, which both Mathis and Sebastian came to appreciate working in London for Foster + Partners.

Mathis Malchow

(Founding Partner)

Dipl. Ing Architect (Architektenkammer Berlin)

Mathis can draw upon many years of experience as an architect. He was Associate Partner at Foster + Partners, and was involved in the design of many key projects, including 'Crystal Island' in Moscow, 'New Holland' in St. Petersburg and 'South Beach' in Singapore.

Sebastian Gmelin

(Founding Partner)

Dipl. Ing. Architect (Architektenkammer Berlin, Architects Registration Board UK)
Master of Advanced Studies in Architecture ETH

Sebastian is specialised in complex geometries. After his master course at the ETH in Zurich he was Associate at Foster + Partners and was involved in the design of projects like 'New Holland' in St. Petersburg, 'Queen Alia Airport' in Jordan and 'South Beach' in Singapore. He was also a member of the Specialist Modelling Group at Foster + Partners. Sebastian is working on his PhD and teaches in Denmark at the Aarhus School of Architecture.


Working method

Designyougo has adopted a visual working method that innovates the way architectural projects are being designed and communicated.

No drawings - just visuals! We love visualisations! We think plans and sections are a great tool to describe how a building should be build. But for presentations and discussions about design, photorealistic visualisations are just perfect. With you - our clients - we want to talk about the atmosphere of spaces and all those details that create fantastic architecture materials, lighting and proportions. You can expect our presentations to be worked out to the highest standards, from day one!


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